Can a row seat still be a single or multiple seat?

In addition to the three-person rows of chairs, can you do single or multi-person rows of chairs? Each of our series models can be manufactured with single row chairs, two-person row chairs, three-person row chairs, four-person row chairs and five-person row chairs to provide flexibility for any space.
Also according to the customer's special requirements, we can also add coffee table/magazine table, cushions have a variety of colors to choose from, for clean, solid appearance of the row chairs to add more colors, each seat between the armrests can be added, more convenient for travelers to use.

The following editor takes a look at our row chairs: heavy-duty beam seating features.


1. easy to clean, low maintenance, reliable quality and guaranteed, first-class after-sales service.

2. the whole cushion PU foam, cushion thickness 30MM, surface skin thickness 2-2.5MM. 

3. The backing plate of the seat increases the bearing force of the iron plate, the whole piece can bear the pressure up to 800kgs together.

4. the seat connection beam bracket using full aluminum alloy casting, single foot bearing over BIFMA test, outside spray nano paint flash silver, shelf life of more than 6 years, beam 2.0mm thickness, surface spraying, new hexagonal steel pipe, durable!