Changes in public row chairs in recent years


Due to the limitations of traditional production processes and materials, the traditional large public row chairs project often choose a monotonous hard full stainless steel or chrome-plated metal, such as train station lounges, hospital waiting rooms, school libraries, cultural centers, office halls and other places. The figure below shows the whole place a cold high cold wind, regardless of the spring, summer, autumn and winter sit up is cold and icy with the rising standard of living consumption deviation.

In recent years, with the completion of a variety of large domestic venues and renovation, the removal or renewal of row chairs project is often the closing work. Because the furniture industry in the production process and materials in the row chair has also experienced a technological innovation. Design tends to humanization and internationalization, material tends to environmental protection and more durable, easy to clean fireproof moisture-proof and flame proof.

Shanghai South Railway Station, known as China's largest railway station is a typical example, Shanghai South Railway Station will be the original No. 5, No. 6 waiting room upgraded to open waiting room, waiting chairs also removed the original steel seats upgraded to lightweight, comfortable polyurethane waiting chairs, more humane, passengers sit up to feel softer, warm in winter and cool in summer, and easy to clean. According to the official news from Shanghai South Railway Station, the winning bidder for the public waiting chair project is a furniture manufacturer from Guangdong.

As people's living standards continue to improve, the number of trips is also explosive growth, and public places need to provide corresponding facilities such as USB charging devices are becoming more popular and installed in waiting chairs for people to use. This design concept starts from the people and the heart.

The rapid internationalization of China, more and more international airports, high-speed rail station lounges almost 24 hours open, these places have been popularized wireless free WIFI, in case the flight or high-speed rail late, passengers need to solve in the lounge mobile office, mobile phone sufficient, this time the installation of USB charging socket on the public waiting chairs can easily solve the problem of office equipment electricity. And the seat cushion of the public row chairs comfort greatly enhance people to the airport and large public places pleasant experience, and greatly convenient for people's travel, speed up our country towards a highly civilized level of public service.

In recent years, the change of public row chairs more and more humane, more and more comfortable, this kind of change is everywhere!