Configuration and features of passenger station waiting chair

Row chairs are a more common chair in our lives, generally in public places is very common, there will be regular cleaning of the maintenance. The scope of application of the row chairs is very wide, such as hospitals, schools, parks, churches, cinemas and other areas will be used to give us a great convenience to the use of rest, it is very rich, plastic material, wood, stainless steel, PU polyurethane, marble and so on, each material used in places where the characteristics are not the same, we have to pay attention to all aspects of the selection process All things considered, choose chairs that are sturdy and stable. It is also important to pair the functional characteristics of each material. For example, the chair frame, armrests, chair surface, etc., these are all of the quality of the chair has a poor important relationship. Then we have seen a lot of row chairs on it how much do you know? Today we're going to talk about what the configuration and features of the passenger station row chairs are.

I. The configuration of public waiting rows is as follows.
1、Split combination, seat back plate
2. handrails (not divided between left and right)
3. Chair legs (not sent left or right)
4, Seat tray
5, Load-bearing gear (triangle type)
6、Armrest cover
7, gear cover
8、Adjust the footrest

Handrail configuration: 2 armrests for single occupants. 3 armrests for double occupancy. 4 armrests for three persons Four-person seat 5 armrests.

Configuration and characteristics of the bus station row chairs is how?



II. The key points are the following.

First, flame retardant characteristics: fire will give people's production, life, property, life and other aspects have brought great harm, so in a large passenger bus station, we need to consider the design of the platoon chairs safety in the first range, and flame retardant has become one of the most important, so it is also a platoon chairs are flame retardant has a very high demand.

Second, ergonomics: the softness of the chair surface, seat width, seat spacing these are great elements that affect the comfort of the seat. Seats must reach a moderate degree of hardness and softness, so that people in the seat up at the same time waist, neck and other positions must reach a reasonable degree of support, comfort, in line with the needs of people's daily life. Even the size of the row of chairs to be reasonable, that is to say, its seat, armrests, width, height, depth and angle should be in line with ergonomics to design, if the armrest size is unreasonable, then it will lead to shoulder fatigue. If the depth of the armrest pad, width, angle are not quite right, then sitting is not comfortable.

Third, the production process: passenger bus station row chairs on the process requirements must be improved to prevent rust sprayed into the material process to improve, while ensuring the aesthetics of the need to improve the use of the cycle, that is, the quality of the material must meet the requirements. Chair material is still very critical, requiring comfort, breathable, safe, in the human body, the external environment, the state of thermal balance, will not sweat will not be cold standard.

Fourth, the hardware components: high-quality high-strength stainless steel materials welded together, large die-casting mold polishing after molding. All kinds of materials after degreasing, rust removal, pickling, phosphating and other high-tech treatment, rigidity is very good, no deformation, proportion is reasonable, to test standards. The seat plate is best used 1.8MM, 1.5MM thickness of imported cold tie steel plate material is good, but also after rust, electrostatic spraying and other processing, metal parts also require, in the choice of time can sit down and twisting experience to see.

Five, with USB charging socket row chairs: high quality seats intelligent comparatively high, different places with different nature of public space, but also a tool to change the venue space, but also to enhance the image of the city is a prop. Smartphone in China's use rate of up to seven hundred million, so public places with USB socket row chairs are more and more common, which is the station managers in the configuration of public row chairs must consider a design.