How to choose bar stools for a modern home

Nowadays, not only the leisure places will have bar bar stools, but after the improvement in the standard of living, these consumer designs are also present in the home. Bar designs make home life more casual and active, and speak volumes about the quality of life on a large level. Bar chairs are with the bar, which came into being, the choice of size and the comfort level of the bar chairs have a very large correlation. Bar chairs size how to choose? 

1. let's understand the importance of understanding the size of the bar chair. Today's bar chair design is not as monotonous as before, the rotation of the telescopic is the basic function, in order to match with the room better, can also be customized. In order to make users feel comfortable, the selection of bar chair size is very important. Therefore, before buying a bar chair, we must also pay attention to the size to choose to fit their own. Bar chairs are divided into lifting bar chairs and non-lifting bar chairs, mainly lifting more, lifting range of about 20cm, can be adjusted according to personal needs and preferences. Size can be selected according to personal height, shorter, of course, more need to measure their own height, do not be blinded by the beautiful style of bar chairs. Only suitable for their own, is the best. According to the height of the bar to choose. As the bar and bar chairs are complementary, so the height of the bar will directly affect the height of the size of the bar chairs. Usually, the bar chair will be about 20cm lower than the bar, but of course it is not fixed, there are special requirements, but also according to the actual situation to determine. Usually the height of the bar chairs between 80-100cm, but some places the bar chairs needed, the height will be set relatively high, correspondingly, some places need to be relatively short bar chairs. Due to the variety of design and shape of the bar chairs, the size of the bar chairs will be quite different. The following figure demonstrates how to measure the size of the bar chair, which is a real size of the bar chair on the market for reference.

2 .family dining room bar design style matching selection of bar chairs, design style: Scandinavian, garden, British antique, new Chinese, industrial style, American ...... All depends on the home decoration style preferences. The following pictures are available for reference. chair material determines the service life of the bar chair, bar chair material is divided into chair frame material and seat cushion material: chair frame is usually aluminum, stainless steel, chrome metal, metal paint collectively known as metal bar chair, while the wooden bar chair chair frame is usually rubber wood, birch, beech wood or imported oak and other high-density wood to ensure the structural load-bearing degree and safety. Bar chairs seat cushion sub-soft seat cushion and hard seat cushion, soft seat cushion usually sponge filler and cloth or imitation leather or leather outer package; hard seat cushion material with low price of fiberglass and plastic in the PP, high-end polyurethane since the skin that PU seat cushion see the figure below, there are metal plate seat cushion and so on.

In recent years as a result of the furniture manufacturing industry production process innovation, the market more and more a variety of excellent quality, durable materials, discounted prices for the public bar chairs for purchase!