Application of aluminum alloy in the manufacturing of waiting chairs

Row chairs are widely used in public places such as airports, hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, libraries, cultural centers, city squares, etc. What is special about the material structure of such a widely used product?  

In the picture below we are going to introduce a row chair made of new materials, the legs, armrests and beams (keel) are made of aluminum, while the seat cushion is made of polyurethane PU self-bonded leather.


Polyurethane we will introduce in the next article. Today's focus is on the use of aluminum alloys in the manufacturing of row chairs.

First a description of what aluminum alloy is.

Aluminum alloy is a general term for alloys with aluminum as the main material, the main alloy elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, etc. Aluminum alloy has the advantages of corrosion resistance, easy processing, high strength and low density.
Aluminum alloy has corrosion resistance, which many metals can not do, because there is a layer of hard film on the surface of aluminum alloy, this film covers the surface of aluminum alloy, so that the aluminum alloy is isolated from oxygen, with the extension of time, this film will continue to thicken, if the film is damaged, it will grow again to make the aluminum products have good corrosion resistance. Of course, it also needs the later surface treatment to make the aluminum alloy more resistant to corrosion.

Many people think that aluminum will not oxidize, in fact, there is no absolutely no oxidizing metal in the world, but the conditions and degree is different, if the surface protective film of aluminum alloy is damaged, it will also oxidize. Therefore, surface processing is needed. The following picture shows that the aluminum alloy parts of the LC series chairs we choose to display use nano-paint surface processing, which protects the surface of aluminum alloy against oxidation in all aspects.

Aluminum alloy has so many advantages, how is it processed into various aluminum alloy products, now use more extrusion process and die-casting process. The extrusion process is to heat the aluminum alloy rod to 400 ℃, in the extruder by applying pressure to one end of the heated aluminum alloy rod, the other end is the corresponding shape of the mold, aluminum alloy from the mold will become aluminum alloy products after cooling down, this process is like squeezing toothpaste, different openings determine the shape of the extruded toothpaste, the extruded aluminum alloy products are mainly used as building profiles.


Although aluminum alloy has good oxidation resistance, but in order to better reflect the product quality, enhance the use and visual effect, aluminum alloy will do various surface treatment, mainly polishing, brushing, electroplating, sandblasting, etc. to further improve the decorative and protective properties of aluminum alloy.

In today's low-carbon environmental protection requirements of people more and more high, aluminum alloy has become a lot of metal substitutes, its low density, high strength, easy processing and other advantages, in the automobile, high-speed rail, aviation, ship and other fields more and more widely used, aluminum alloy will make greater contributions to the development of mankind.

The row chairs of the HEWEI LC series in addition to the seat cushion The structure is made of aluminum alloy coated with nano-paint, which is the latest and most environmentally friendly material, and the most practical and cost-effective.