Application of nano-coating in the manufacturing process

Nano-coating refers to the advanced process of nano-non-toxic coating technology with high technology content.

This high-tech nano-coating is not only non-toxic and harmless, but also slowly releases a substance that degrades harmful substances such as formaldehyde and xylene indoors.

Any traditional surface coating technology can be used or slightly modified to achieve a nano-material composite coating.
The row chair as a large public works of the main components, in the manufacturing process to join this element in order to greatly improve the service life of the product and cost-effective.


 1.The use of existing coating technology, the performance of the coating, adding nano-materials, can get nano-composite system coating. The nano-coating can be applied to a conventional material matrix, powder particles or fibers for surface modification, coating, modification or addition of new properties.
2.The addition of a nano-phase to a hard, abrasion resistant coating can further increase the hardness and abrasion resistance of the coating and maintain high toughness.
3. the nanoparticles added to the row chair surface coating, can achieve the effect of reducing the coefficient of friction, the formation of self-lubricating material, or even get super-lubricating function. In some of the coating compound C60, barrel, etc., the preparation of super-lubricating new materials. The introduction of nano-materials in the platoon chair coating can significantly improve the material's high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance.

4. The coating of nanomaterials on the surface of the row chair can improve the corrosion protection capacity of the substrate, to achieve the purpose of surface modification and decoration. In the paint or coating by adding nanoparticles, can further improve its protective ability, can resist the atmosphere, ultraviolet radiation, so as to achieve anti-degradation, anti-discoloration effect; In addition, the nanomaterials coating at the same time produce sterilization, cleaning effect.
5. The coating of nanomaterials has a wide range of optical properties. Its optical transmission spectrum can be extended from the ultraviolet band to the far-infrared band. After treatment, the nano multi-layer combination coating appears fluorescence in the visible range for a variety of optical applications, such as sensors and other devices. The coating of nano-materials on the surface of various signs becomes luminous and reflective signs; it changes the composition and characteristics of the nano-coating to obtain the effects of photochromic, thermochromic, electrochromic, etc., and produces special anti-counterfeiting and identification means. 80nm yttrium oxide can be used as infrared shielding coating, and the efficiency of heat reflection is very high. In the row chairs and other seat products coated with nano-materials on the surface, can achieve the effect of reducing light transmission and heat transfer, produce heat insulation; in the coating by adding nano-materials, can play a flame retardant, heat insulation, play a role in fire prevention.
6. Vapor deposition: the use of chemical or physical vapor deposition method can be formed on the surface of the row seat nano-film or nano-coating.
Nano-spraying: thermal spraying method to prepare nano-structural coating of the main advantages of the process is simple, coating and substrate selection range, coating thickness range of variation, high deposition rate, easy to form composite coating.



7 nano-coating: in ordinary coatings, adding appropriate nano-particles, can greatly improve the suspension stability of the chair cushion coating, washability, adhesion, finish, deodorization, anti-aging, etc., and at the same time can get some special properties such as light, light, electromagnetic wave absorption, anti-static and so on.