Changes in demand in the office chair market

Office chair market demand and the local economic development level correlates high, in the global market, the United States, Europe, Japan and other regions are the main consumer market for office chairs, China, Brazil, India, Russia and other emerging economies, the economic level of development is faster, the overall market size of office chairs, although less than Europe and the United States, Japan and other regions, but the development is relatively rapid, the market potential is large.

Between 2010-2017, the global office furniture market scale to maintain the growth trend, office chairs in the office furniture market consumption share increased to 31%, 2017, the global office chairs market sales of about $ 16.5 billion, an increase of 2.48% over the $ 16.1 billion in 2016. The global office chairs market has shown a steady growth trend.

 China's economy continues to maintain a relatively fast pace of growth, the number of enterprises as well as commercial hotels is increasing, government agencies continue to improve office conditions, promoting the rapid growth of domestic office chair market demand.In 2017, China's office chair market reached 44.387 billion yuan, an increase of 18.33% over 2016's 37.512 billion yuan, the growth rate is much higher than the international average, the market Good development prospects.

Downstream demand for office chairs in China's office chair downstream market, the number of business units is growing steadily, is the largest demand for office chairs market, accounting for 38.26%; followed by government agencies, accounting for 27.37% of the market; China's business hotels continue to improve the number and grade, the demand for office chairs in the rooms with continued growth in the market share of 23.75%; with the increase in disposable income, consumer attitudes Changing, the demand for office chairs in the civilian market is rising, and the market share also reached 10.62%. On the whole, China's office chair downstream market demand potential is large.

Office chair industry entry threshold is low, the number of enterprises in the industry, including the number of enterprises above the size of about 1100, the rest are mostly small workshops factory, products are concentrated in the low-end market and the quality is uneven, the market is extremely fragmented. But the high regional concentration of China's office chair industry, Zhejiang Anji is China's largest chair industry cluster area, the annual sales revenue in the industry accounted for 59.40%, its upstream and downstream industry chain perfect, the overall competitiveness of the strong.

China's office chair industry production and market demand are continuing to grow, in the low-end market, product homogenization is a serious phenomenon, the competition is more intense, the profit level of enterprises is relatively low. In the high-end market, due to a relatively high threshold for entry, the larger, stronger design, production technology, high level of enterprise only has a competitive advantage, so competition is relatively orderly. Leading enterprises in the industry rely on independent innovation, improve the design level, and gradually improve international competitiveness, began to enter the high-end market.


In the global market, the office chair in the office furniture consumption accounted for about 31%, while China is only about 10%, there is a lot of room for improvement, the industry has great potential for development. Regional concentration of China's office chair industry is high, but the market is extremely fragmented, in the future development process of industrial structure is still to be integrated and optimized. However, China's office chair industry chain is perfect, leading enterprises in the design level and production processes continue to improve, the international market competitiveness continues to grow, overall, the industry has good prospects for development.