Characteristics of PU chairs

Public row chairs are widely used, used in airports called airport chairs, used in hospitals called waiting chairs, used in stadiums called bleachers chairs, used in stations called waiting chairs ...... With the balance of China's economic development level, more and more three or four lines of urban facilities updated or expanded, row chairs gradually into the public eye. 

Today this paper introduces a new material used in the manufacturing industry of row chairs: polyurethane, finished product: PU since knotted leather.
Polyurethane's full name is: polyurethane, in the airport chairs, waiting chairs industry called PU, isocyanate groups and has hydroxyl and other active hydrogen compounds formed after the combined reaction.

Polyurethane has the elasticity of rubber, the strength of plastic, excellent processing performance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, elasticity and other aspects of other synthetic materials can not be compared to the advantages of polyurethane is the sixth largest plastic after polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, is the main chain containing repeated carbamate groups on the macromolecular compounds of the collective name. Polyurethane is China's carbamate on the outside can also contain ether ester urea shrink diuret urea-based first polyurethane introduced groups.

Polyurethane material, very wide use, can replace rubber, plastic, nylon, etc., is widely used in national defense, aviation, light industry, automotive, medical, stations, airports, seats and other fields.
With it to make the airport chairs will be what it looks like? The editor will show you!


Polyurethane product characteristics.
1, scratch does not hurt, no noise. Long service life, reduce cost.
2,Temperature resistance at -20℃~120℃.
3, polyurethane products are non-polluting, non-toxic and tasteless.

PU (polyurethane) row chairs have the following advantages.
1, Good sense of human contact.
2, not conducive to bacterial reproduction, to prevent secondary infection.
3, ozone resistance, aging resistance, mildew resistance, low temperature resistance, flexing resistance.
4, oil resistance: polyurethane elastomer is a strong polymer compound, and non-polar mineral oil affinity is small, almost no erosion in fuel oil and machinery oil.
Radiation resistance: polyurethane has good resistance to high-energy rays and still has satisfactory performance under high radiation dose.
6, Excellent surface properties, can choose to use disinfectant water cleaning.
7、Extremely long service life.
8, under the same hardness, higher bearing capacity than other elastomers.
9、Can be made into flame retardant materials.
10, good softness, tensile strength characteristics, but also has the permeability that PVC does not have.
11、Have good hydrolytic stability.

 Heshan hospital of PU (polyurethane) row chairs: [product color]: optional (in kind shall prevail)

Handrails, feet, brackets】: Using advanced engineering composite materials, nylon and fiberglass injection molding by the mold.
Seat plate, back plate】: High-density polyurethane (PU) (digital steel frame, steel frame standard: steel tube molded).
Bottom outer beam】:Advanced engineering composite material, nylon and glass fiber injection molded.
[Load-bearing connection beam connector]: triangular steel tube.

【Specification size】.
One person: 865mm*730mm*590mm.
Two persons: 865mm*730mm*1180mm.
Three-person seat: 865mm*730mm*1760mm.

Four-person seating: 865mm*730mm*2330mm.