Cleaning and maintenance of waiting chairs

Options for Waiting Chairs

Row chairs should be easy to maintain and clean, use should be comfortable, so that people are not easily fatigued. Then how to meet the above requirements: when buying the following points to pay attention to.

First, the height, width, depth and angle of the seat armrests should be reasonable.
Armrests are generally made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel materials, large die-casting die-casting molding and polishing in powder coating or surface plating. Electroplating effect is better. Inadequate armrest height can lead to rapid shoulder fatigue. In addition to the height of the armrest, the width, depth and angle of the armrest pad and maintain a comfortable posture also has a great relationship, when we read documents or newspapers, placed on the armrests tend to slightly open outward into an inverted figure of eight in order to read the material.

Second, breathable fabric material, comfortable, breathable and safe chair surface material is essential.

Waiting for the cleaning and maintenance of the chair

How to clean and maintain the waiting chair to extend its life?

1, Waiting chairs need to be cleaned frequently. We know that in public places like hospitals, there are many, many people come and go every day, may be this minute this person sitting in a row chair in this position, the next minute is another person sitting in this position, contact with more people, naturally not clean, all hourly clean once is best, at least a day to clean twice, or row chairs are stained with a lot of bacteria from different individuals.

2, Clean row chairs, according to the material selection method of waiting chairs.

(1) the plastic part of the waiting chairs should be cleaned with cleaning fluid, water and rags should be carefully got to wipe once, and then use water and rags to clean up the plastic part of the cleaning fluid, and finally put in a ventilated place, as soon as possible to dry it.

(2) for the wooden row chairs, should use cleaning fluid, water and rags thoroughly wipe once, and then wash it with clean water, all the cleaning fluid washed away as soon as possible into the wind where the natural wind to dry it, for wooden row chairs painted above the part to be regularly checked, if faded to help it on a color, so that the inside of the wood and air isolated, to avoid any component of the air on the internal wood erosion, to extend the life of the row chairs.

(3) for a row of chairs of cotton or sofa material, you should use a vacuum cleaner to the surface of the waiting chairs through the line of regular cleaning, after adsorption, check the waiting chairs with or without any local damage, then repair as soon as possible, if you can, good to help waiting chairs on a cover, so that the material inside can be better protected.

(4) for stainless steel waiting chairs, we should pay attention to: the use of cleaning agents, must not be strong alkaline and acid cleaning agents, or chemical solvents; cleaned with cleaning agents, rinsed with water again, with a clean soft cloth to wipe the surface of the furniture.

3, Regular inspection should not be ignored. Whether it is what material to do the row of chairs, it should be regularly checked on the material.