Coatings - a new technology refresh for waiting seats

A new breakthrough in the process of developing airport row and waiting chairs in 2019 by Hewitt Technology.
The seats are sprayed with a coating that will get rid of the easily damaged, discolored, and even unstainable, peeling, and cracked surface of traditional PU chairs.

Is it really that amazing?

The best example is the Heshan Chinese Hospital and Maternal and Child Health Hospital waiting room waiting chairs project has been used for many years still like new. Coating this new technology to better protect the waiting chair cushions, the hospital attaches great importance to daily cleaning and disinfection, the intensive flow of people who come and go frequently, and with the advantages of coated polyurethane row chairs PU just detergent penetration anti-fouling and anti-cracking, warm in winter and cool in summer, and hewei provide up to six years warranty after-sales service to ensure worry-free after-sales service.

The coating is widely used in all polyurethane PU products including office chairs, bar chairs, dining chairs, chairs and toilet seats ...... And the most conducive to the daily maintenance of waiting chairs and rows of chairs in public places