Consumer proposition on office chairs: How to pick a good office chair?

For office chairs, it has been done statistics, if a lifetime of 40 years of work, then you sit on it for about 80,000 hours. So, for us ordinary consumers, how to pick the right office chair? More importantly, once you have a good chair, do you really adjust to using it?

Many office workers are more or less troubled by their office chairs. Since you have to be in close contact with your office chair for more than 8 hours a day, is there a chair for office workers?

Choose a good office chair should be able to do to give effective support to various parts of the body, to relieve local pressure on various parts of the office is more suitable for people to use long-term. So, what is the design principle of this chair? What kind of ergonomic chair is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time?

1. office chair surface design is best to be flexible, and can breathe, so that consumers can ensure that sitting on it is comfortable and not feel stuffy.

2. the back of the office chair comfort level is also critical. People at work every day, not always in a fixed sitting position. Sometimes the body to lean back, rocking left and right, and even turn around, the need to give body support chair back. But how to ensure that consumers will lean into the back of the office chair at different angles? One of the secrets is the part where the backrest is attached to the chair. This part can be changed according to the different postures of the human body, ensuring different angles.

3. When people tilt to rest, they can adjust the length of the armrests to make the elbows have a leaning. Similarly, when people are working in a reclined position, the elbow can be supported by the forward tilt of the armrest. The height and angle of the armrests can be adjusted to achieve the best office posture for different body types.

 Another selection method concludes.

(1) Adjustable is the height of the cushion itself, and then secondly can be adjusted is the height of the armrests, and then can be adjusted when sitting down, our backrest before, after, the angle of tilt, in addition to this, can also be adjusted is the shoulders, head support parts, which is the most basic can be adjusted in several parts. Then the more comfortable and reasonable height is the thigh with the calf to form this angle, slightly less than 90 °.

(2) If the office chair as a rocking chair to use, is not at all what we call the main purpose of adjustable, if you keep shaking to and fro, this change for the waist, or other parts but cause more harm, even with the most appropriate, the best office chair, long-term work also need to adjust the posture. If sedentary on the body is not ideal, if you sit for an hour should get up and move around for at least three minutes, take a walk, so that the blood can circulate, has been more rigid some parts of the body, to move, to be relaxed.

Consumer advocates on the office chair

For chairs that are not adjustable, it is best to add lumbar cushions in the back position to relieve pressure on the lower back.
For ergonomic chairs, the more adjustable range of chairs, the better, the greater the adjustable range, the better.

Selection of office chairs, do not pay too much attention to product appearance, to sit on it for a long time to use, and then decide whether to buy.