Furniture Market Outlook 2020

1, 2020 furniture market outlook, revenue overall stable
According to statistics, 32 listed home furnishing enterprises, there are 29 achieved revenue growth, of which the song home furnishing revenue growth reached 106.62%, mainly due to the successful acquisition of Norway Ekornes in the first half of the operating income and table caused by. So far, the global layout of Qumei also began to take an important step.

In addition, "new retail, new marketing, new model" of the "three new" transformation, can be more effective in solving some of the company's offline diversion problems, can also save the unit value of growth and long-term sales channel development issues, especially in the dealer system to achieve rapid promotion, and dealers to collect money and some of the contract amount of rapid growth, to solve a lot of dealers profit and market confidence issues.
2, 2020 furniture business prospects, decoration net profit decline
Furniture company Dong Yi Risheng net profit decline reached -663.34%, the name carved shares slid to -121.41%, Qiye Technology slid -98.22%. In recent years in the field of home improvement in addition to the frequent closures, runaway waves, these three as a representative of the decorative field of enterprise, perhaps once again reflects the difficult situation of the entire home improvement market.
The sharp decline of the furniture company Dongyirisheng has a close relationship with its failure to capture the stock housing market. Chairman Chen Hui said in an interview that "branches in cities like Nanjing, Chengdu and Hangzhou did not make a good layout of the stock room in advance, leading to unsatisfactory performance", is the main reason why Dong Yi Risheng's performance in the first half of 2019 is not as good as expected.
3, 2020 furniture business prospects, distribution channel growth rate decline
In the first half of this year, it is clear that distribution companies are feeling the pressure of the market compared to the previous rapid growth.
Although it has been concluded that the market is getting worse, dealers are struggling, but due to the limited space of the magazine, did not do much analysis of the reasons behind the bleak market, so in this sequel, this article will focus on what reasons are playing a decisive role behind the bleak appearance.
Disappearing in the future is just a matter of wanting to get better, reorganize and focus on the minds of future consumers.
1, the lack of core competencies, follow the others to do the same, enterprise product similarity, similar marketing tools, and ultimately will be eliminated by the fierce competition.
2, no strategic planning, brand awareness is weak. If you can not achieve the fragmented piecemeal approach to the use of local tactics Qiju network to marketing strategy under the guidance of integrated marketing communications shift, fall behind, it is only a matter of time.
3, and channels in the game, the furniture enterprise voice is lacking, this lack of fundamentally from the lack of brand. In front of strong channels, furniture enterprises how to master the right to speak? How can the whole industry increase its competitive leverage?
4, the Internet big data era, the lack of platform integration, consumers are no longer the 80's consumer. There are too many intermediate links in the furniture industry, and the cost is too high.