Hospital waiting chair notes

What is your biggest fear when you visit a hospital? It's the waiting, and while hospitals are not a place everyone likes to go, they are often the place with the most foot traffic. So waiting in line for a consultation is an unavoidable thing. This is when a comfortable waiting chair is available so that the wait doesn't feel too long. What can give patients a comfortable place to relax and wait is that hospitals need to ensure that the waiting chairs are properly placed. The placement of hospital waiting chairs should pay more attention to the use of space color. Color, can affect people's psychological and physiological reactions, and even affect people's objective understanding of things and views, so color is the essence and soul of the upholstery design.

Hospital waiting chairs good or bad will have a direct impact on people's impression of the entire hospital, often in the configuration of the hospital waiting chairs after many people do not know how to maintain the hospital waiting chairs. Then after a period of time, naturally, there will be some such and such a problem, so today to tell you about the hospital waiting chairs are required how to carry out daily maintenance.

1, during use, attention should be paid to avoid collision to prevent damage to the bed accessories, if you need to replace or repair bed accessories, remember to contact the manufacturer directly, do not disassemble the accessories, such as waiting chair accessories inadvertently corrosive liquid contact, to avoid discoloration and spots not cleaned in a timely manner, need to be cleaned in a timely manner, cleaning can use a neutral synthetic detergent wipe, pay attention to dry cloth to dry.
2, in order to ensure safety, pay attention to the position of the waiting chair is placed in front of the door visible, to avoid wheelchairs or children due to perspective problems and collision, we can use neutral detergent regular cleaning, remember not to use corrosive liquid cleaning, cleaning the screw after the screw inside the buckle we can apply some oil, to reduce the damage caused by friction.
3, pay attention to regularly check the various parts of the waiting chair is solid, whether the screws are loose, in order to prevent the timely discovery of anomalies and continue to use the harm caused, but also to avoid accidents during the use of patients, because the patient itself with the patient, if the waiting chair caused secondary injuries, it is very serious.