How to choose a comfortable computer chair!

Long hours at work for a long time sitting people should have this feeling, every day will feel back pain, how to adjust the sitting posture are feeling uncomfortable, the reason will be so the main reason is that your chair is too poor.

Scientific research has shown that in this fast-paced society, for those who use the computer office workers, hard and exhausting work every day, has long made the body in a state of subhealth. The good or bad of an office computer chair has a vital role in the body.

A good computer chair is not only a good partner in our work life, but also to relieve the pressure on our spine because of the sedentary, today to recommend some of the current chair so that we sit more comfortable. Let's start with the domestic computer chairs, the rapid development of the domestic economy in recent years, the demand for the generation of domestic computer chairs prompted the rapid development of the brand.

Ergonomic sitting back design has an obvious feature: the backrest is S-shaped curve. We can pay attention to distinguish between the time of purchase, and then high-end ergonomic computer chairs, you can adjust the distance between the back and the cushion, and is equipped with a lumbar support, headrest and so on, on the human cervical spine, lumbar will have a good support effect, long sitting will not be tired.

Air pressure bar quality should not be careless
A few years ago, the news media have repeatedly reported that the computer chair air pressure rod explosion news, so many people have heard the news, shy away. In fact, major manufacturers of computer chairs produced by the air pressure rod are after layers of quality verification, in daily use there will be no sudden explosion, we try to pick the process of picking computer chairs produced by big brands can be. Some chairs have also increased the explosion-proof chassis, equivalent to an additional layer of protection.