How to properly buy anti-static work chairs

Anti-static chairs have the special function of preventing static electricity and can eliminate static electricity, so they are used in a large number of electronic production workshops, laboratories, dust-free workshops and so on. Due to the variety of anti-static chairs, prices vary widely, so you need to choose the right anti-static chair in order to meet the demand and not to waste resources. So in the face of the current mainstream of anti-static work chairs, how should you choose the right anti-static chairs?


Main categories of anti-static work chairs

The current market mainstream anti-static work chairs, including PU foam anti-static chairs, anti-static leather chairs, anti-static chairs, anti-static standing chairs
Optional advice

PU foam anti-static chair is made of anti-static PU material integrated molding, including stamping steel plate inserts, in line with human body curve requirements, back and cushion by high-quality manganese steel connection, strong, beautiful, anti-static effect in line with electronic industry standards. It is suitable for 1-100 dust-free purification workshop, such as the workplace for the clean room, dust-proof requirements are very high, it is recommended that you buy this anti-static leather chair, is based on ergonomic design, the use of imported HK leather, the inner layer of the package new foam high elastic sponge, comfortable and soft seat feel, leather and sponge is not easy to produce relative movement and easy to damage and not easy to dust.

Therefore, this kind of anti-static leather chair is suitable for cleanroom level 100-10000, strong and durable with strong comfort. If you want a good comfort anti-static chair then it is recommended to buy anti-static leather chair.

Anti-static standing chairs, chair surface material used and pu foam chairs, this chair can reduce fatigue, reduce body weight for the tailbone and leg pressure, to effectively ensure the health of the workforce. If the working environment of the chair height requirements, it is recommended to buy anti-static standing chairs.