How you should select the most appropriate waiting chairs

In daily life, row chairs are used in a wide range of areas, such as: churches, hospitals, parks, airports, cinemas, banks, etc., these special places need some row chairs, this is to provide a resting place for those who pass by.

So how do we select the most suitable row chairs?
Before selecting, we need to have some understanding of the existing row chairs specifications.

1.the material: we have to contrast the different materials of the chair, generally speaking, such a chair in the design process has a certain amount of technical content, such as the appropriate amount of consideration for ergonomics, chair frame structure is also very important, which is directly related to the chair's load-bearing weight. For the chair corner, the choice of material is not strong enough to also have different quality issues. There are a variety of types of row chairs, plastic, wood, stainless steel, etc., the use of different materials is not consistent characteristics, we need to make a comprehensive consideration in this regard.
2. the material and size, but also the chair chair bottom and other parts of a comparison, different materials in use when there are different requirements, and in the late maintenance is not the same, in addition to the installation of row chairs when there are different methods, row chairs in some of the plating, some are fixed by the screws, either way, the use of the environment should be taken into account.

3. the material and price, the price of row chairs, whether it is a type of chair, the most critical is its materials, materials determine the quality, also determines the price. According to the current market price to compare, aluminum alloy material chairs hardware costs can not be low, but for some open-air seats, the best choice is to choose waterproof, anti-corrosion materials, so high practicality. For example, in the park inside, we often see some made of plastic, stainless steel or marble row chairs, because this has some high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and other properties. Chair material needs to breathe, some row chairs are stainless steel, but there are flaws, because we will feel more pain in the butt after a long time to sit. Polyurethane seat cushions in recent years has been widely promoted mainly because the material is cool in winter and cool in summer easy to clean fireproof flame-proof leather texture and comfort. Compared to some material is joined the sponge, fabric and so on permeability is poor not suitable for summer long time sitting, use a long time on the human body will also cause harm.


4. the structure, the series of modern public seats are generally disassembled, after purchase will come with the appropriate tools and installation instructions, installation will be very convenient. But because it is a public seat category, so the wear and tear is relatively large, the maintenance requirements are also relatively high, generally with a leather cover cloth cover for protection. Buy row chairs when the first need to pay attention to its handrail design is not reasonable, the width of the handrail, height, depth and angle should be noted, if the details of the design is not reasonable norms, then we will feel fatigued and uncomfortable in the process of use.
5.custom row chairs, row chairs prices in the market is very hierarchical, but a price is worth a price, because the types of row chairs materials are very different, so the price of row chairs will be somewhat different, the time to buy or need to analyze according to the specific situation. Platoon chairs can be two seats in a row, three seats in a row, four seats in a row or even more, the specific length needs to communicate with manufacturers.   
6. different public places apply row chairs have different requirements, and cleaning is simple. Its design in line with the design of artificial mechanics, the author will be more comfortable, we can also be reasonable according to the needs of individuals to adjust the height, so in the opera, banks, airports, conference rooms, studios and other places will be used row chairs. The use of row chairs like these more occasions will generally be directly customized to manufacturers to ensure that you buy the right row chairs. And because of the type of chairs shaping material is more diverse, the time to buy ah need to pay attention to.
7, the row chairs of the seat plate must be firm, so that we do not have a security accident in the long-term use of the time of purchase, we must have a good check, to determine the above metal fittings must be firm not loose. A lot of row chairs are cold-rolled steel plate rust removal treatment, some are sprayed, then we have to take a good look at these processes are qualified.