Advantages of Polyurethane Waiting Chairs

So what are the advantages of waiting chairs made of polyurethane?

(1) Surface abrasion resistance, after molding foaming generate a layer of 2-4mm crusty iron frame and sponge closely connected.

(2) Polyurethane is a high-end material, widely used in high-grade automobile interior trim (dashboard, steering wheel, etc.) for more than 30 years.

(3) Introduced advanced RIM technology from Europe and America, the product is molded by one foam; the service life is 3-4 times longer than traditional leather.

(4) Foam core layer structure, with the texture of leather and sponge sitting feel, cold does not burst, the chair is especially suitable for cold weather.

(5) The surface skin tissue with the company's special coating, easy to clean, easy maintenance, not easy to breed bacteria, especially suitable for medical supporting projects.

(6) Advanced CA117 flame retardant formula, in line with the requirements of fire safety in public places.