Some tips for selecting a training table training chair

A variety of popular training institutions, training tables and training chairs placement and purchase issues are also more concerned about training institutions, training tables and training chairs to select what skills?
Depending on the number of people to be trained.

1, team-based (group competition type): This is the most common style of table and chair placement in small training, suitable for training a smaller number of people and team-based unit for competitive learning. Placement requirements: the best total number of training 20 to 36 people, divided into 4 to 6 groups of the best, the number of people in each group of 5 to 6 people appropriate.

2, fan (semi-circular). This is more common in medium-sized training tables and chairs placement style, for the number of people, training room area is long and narrow, requiring team learning, teachers and students to maintain a closer communication between the situation is more appropriate. Placement requirements: the total number of training to 40 to 70 people, the best grouping to 8 to 10 groups appropriate, the number of groups to 5 to 7 people appropriate.

3, horseshoe type (fish tank type). In small and medium-sized training, there are certain requirements for teacher-student communication, but communication between trainees do not require, suitable for horseshoe type placement of tables and chairs. Placement requirements: the total number of training under 80 people, generally one person, not a group.

Training chair purchase strategy

1, a solid structure and safety is the first element of training chairs purchase. Shaking, with sharp corners, rough surface of the chair should not buy, so that users are not bruised or scratched.

2, materials to be environmentally friendly, sophisticated technology is another important factor in the purchase of training chairs. Plastic chair materials, divided into A3 cold carbon steel, polypropylene PP plywood, three ammonia board, PU leather and PE hollow board, which is most widely used A3 cold carbon steel and polypropylene PP plywood. Training chairs to choose no odor, high purity and translucent new material, in addition to beautiful high-end, more importantly, safe and non-toxic, clean and environmentally friendly. Usually the training desktop board has a darker hue, there are mixed colors, is repeatedly used second material, often excessive toxic elements, harmful to the human body. Steel pipe should be selected to support the strength of qualified, meticulous surface treatment of the support components as steel pipe skeleton, the surface is deep-acid cleaning treatment to remove rust, multi-layer electrostatic uniform spraying / electroplating, pipe wall with a smooth and uniform, consistent color, not easy to age.

3, training chairs to choose humane design and durability of the product. Stiff and rigid, non-humane design of the back of the chair is likely to cause users physical and mental fatigue, muscle aches; poor sitting posture is more likely to affect the cervical spine and vision, it is necessary to choose a back design in line with the curve of the human spine. Products in line with the humane design at the same time product durability should be strong, a product durability is reflected in the support frame and materials, such as sitting plate embedded steel pipe, writing board using composite steel pipe support.

I hope the above Raiders can help you! Let you pick training tables training chairs to help your institution to greatness!