Structure of waiting chairs

What do you think about a waiting chair in front of you when you see it? Wouldn't you think it's just an ordinary waiting chair, nothing technical? It's everywhere anyway. What's so unusual about it? Maybe you think this way because you have never really touched a waiting chair before. The truth is that a waiting chair has to go through multiple considerations before it can come out right. This is the work of the waiting chair manufacturer and the waiting chair designer. Now, let's take a look at what considerations go into making a waiting chair~!

1. seat according to the principle of ergonomics design and manufacturing. Each seat is designed into an independent three-dimensional curve structure, the seat posture design to take into account the user's convenience and comfort when sitting and getting up.

2. Seat / seat row is all non-metallic structure.

3.The seat/seat row is stable on the ground by its legs and weight, and does not need to be attached to the ground to ensure that the seat/seat row will not be shifted by collision and user's thrust. The bottom of the legs must be equipped with a strong rubber cushion to prevent damage to the floor.

4.Seat/row combination is flexible and easy to assemble. Modular structure allows the seat, luggage racks, armrests, etc. to be installed in each corresponding position.

5.The structure and materials are selected with easy cleaning in mind.

6.The structure design excludes the possibility of accumulating debris. 

7. All the surfaces of the components are easy to clean and can withstand common cleaning agents.

8.Surfaces can be cleaned with water or common detergent.

9. Parts are universal and interchangeable, easy to repair and replace.

10.Fully consider the standardization of components, universal, minimize the
specifications of the accessories.

11. modular structure to ensure that any damage to the parts can be easily replaced in the field.

12 Seat and back plate can be easily disassembled and replaced in the field for maintenance.

13. Threaded fastener connection between the various parts of the seat, can not be welded, no welding joints.

14 The seat overall external surface is smooth. All the corner parts are curved structure or chamfered structure, no sharp corners.

15 The seat is fully open structure, so that users are not easy to hide small items.