The Birth of Wireless Airport Chairs

Nowadays, social networks cover the whole world and connect everyone, but at the same time, they also distance people from each other. Selflessness brings the world together; sharing allows limited resources to be fully utilized. The sharing economy has become an indispensable economic stage.

Traveling through small public spaces, you will find that travelers on the road and those waiting for their turn can no longer do without their electronics. Driven by the times and driven by economic interests, many unimaginable things can be shared, gradually improving people's daily lives. Life is a kind of consumption, more and more entities are shared, a new trend whole become one of the mainstream social industry mode, and stand in the perspective of public seats, designers will be wireless charging into public seats, public seats become the mainstream of the space, more to attract the passenger's side eye.
The newest wirelessly-charged airport row chairs from HEWEI Packard in 2020 will allow travelers to enjoy the power of wireless charging products at their leisure without spending a single cent of their money. The wirelessly charged seats can accommodate idle waiting times and also satisfy travelers' anxiety about running out of power in their electronics.

Wireless charging products will succeed in making public seating a trendy public space once again, attracting the attention of travelers and creating more contributions to public space for the benefit of people.