The most commonly used types of office chairs

Different types of office chairs have different advantages and disadvantages, there will be some differences in the scope of application. Therefore, customers in the purchase of office chairs, we must pay attention to how they actually want to use, and what kind of office chairs they are suitable for, otherwise not only spend a lot of money, and finally the seat is not suitable for them, so it will inevitably bring a lot of trouble. Therefore, here for you to introduce the classification of office chairs and its advantages and disadvantages related to issues.

1, industrial chairs: mainly applicable to some production workshops, the composition of the seat is relatively simple, mainly netting or anti-static materials, the use is not very comfortable, but the price is very cheap. The main style as shown in the photo, a clear black-based dirty durable.


2, staff chair: this office chair is mainly suitable for use in the general office environment, but also the most common office of a seat, the advantage of the seat is relatively small size, occupying a small space, so you can be placed in the open office a lot, and does not take up much space. But the effect may not be very comfortable to use, sitting for a long time will feel soft back, but most companies to save money may not consider so much. With most companies now attach importance to the office environment and image, the style and design of staff chairs are also increasingly focused on humane. Made in Guangdong, the price range of between 150-350 RMB.

 3, Executive Chair: Executive Chair is relatively large, covers a relatively large area, but the number of office use is not a lot, mainly used by some management staff, the shape is relatively atmospheric, the price is also a little higher. The use of the effect is relatively good, but the same use of a long time will also have some physical discomfort. Guangdong office furniture brand price range in the 400-1200 RMB.

4, Executive Chair: the Executive Chair is also known as the boss chair, the appearance of the atmosphere, calm class, mostly wood and leather-based, very comfortable to use, and not easy to feel fatigue. But the relative price is also the highest of many types of office chairs. The most popular price in the 800-3500 RMB.

 5. conference chairs and guest chairs: most of this type of office chairs I-word chair frame structure, from the traditional monotonous wooden chair to the development of the hardware + leather or PU upholstered with more modern design of office furniture is popular with young enterprises. The most common price of 180-280 RMB.