The Past and Present of Ergonomic Computer Chairs

The world's earliest ergonomics was produced after World War II, originated in Europe and the United States, and has too many little-known stories under its profound academic veil. In this article, we unveil the veil and explore the history of ergonomic computer chairs, the most practical application of ergonomics.

Along with the popularity of personal computers, in the 1990s, Europe and the United States produced a true ergonomic computer chair. At the same time, the development of ergonomic computer chairs nearly 20 years, had been accompanied by the splendor of wooden furniture, leather furniture market. However, when the Internet era came, some of the Guangdong office furniture brands that had created glorious achievements in the market folded. 
Guangdong part of the brand furniture hired an ergonomist, for sedentary people cervical pain, combined with bionics, mechanics principle, designed to fit the human body S-shaped form of modern ergonomic computer chairs. For modern office furniture, this is a very important breakthrough, because the ergonomic design to alleviate the problem of muscle pain caused by people holding the same posture for a long time, thus ensuring more efficient working time into work. This is no doubt a sign that office furniture is changing with the times.
The most unique design of the Ergonomic Computer Chair is that it is all about "ergonomics" and is designed based on "sitting". The seat is equipped with an intelligent lifting load mechanism, covering a thick explosion-proof steel plate, as far as possible for the sake of ergonomics and give up a reasonable overall weight, plus 3D adjustment of the left and right armrests, such a clever design stands out, how can a chair be designed so extreme breakthrough people imagine it! ......   
Clearly, "ergonomics" is not a flashy gimmick. In long practice, computer chairs have maintained an almost perfect fit with human physiology. The reason lies in its ergonomic design, which conforms to the Asian body architecture. Ergonomic computer chair with its cervical to lumbar spine, from the headrest to the armrests of the control technology to the tired neck and lumbar region to bring comfortable support and rely on. Sitting on it, after adjusting it, your head, back and hands will be fully aligned with the seat, and you will feel the whole back and lumbar region pushing, comfortable and relaxed, no longer have the discomfort of hanging under the traditional seat.
The weight of this ergonomic computer chair is around 18kg. The chair is 117-127cm high and about 51cm wide. In this way, from the fat uncle weighing about 100 kg, to the weight of 40 kg of fashionable loli, can be adjusted to suit their own size, to avoid the traditional office chairs of the disadvantages of the thousands of people. In addition, the overall layout of the office, this size in the office appears to be atmospheric and does not occupy too much space.

 Above this computer chair for the white-collar tribe there is a sure-fire miracle - nap. 120 degrees of the intimate tilt adjustment function, for the office family, is simply a nap artifact. Most office workers do not have the conditions for a nap, sleepy afternoon, had to simply lie on the desk will be about, hands numb, a variety of funny sleeping postures frequently ....... Over the years, in order to solve the problem of napping, people have invented a wide variety of nap beds, however, in the narrow office space, is too flamboyant out of place, unless the conditions of the company with a uniform nap furniture. Choose the right ergonomic computer chair, white-collar lunch finally has a more compromise solution, nap time flat computer chair, quietly enjoy the siesta time, full of energy in the afternoon to continue the workplace struggle. Who solved the customer's pain points, who will win the market.

Cervical spine problems, siesta problems, deep stinging white-collar workers. Before the nineties, the office family has not even touched a computer chair, let alone such a high degree of ergonomic computer chairs. Since then, fully committed to research and development of high-quality ergonomic computer chairs, after more than a decade of efforts to continuously update the product, some furniture brands in Guangdong still become the leader of ergonomic computer chairs, continue to lead the design and progress of ergonomic chairs.

In the modern manufacturing country of China, ergonomic computer chairs success is not difficult to understand, however, the road to discovery is never-ending, under the new era, there is still a lot of road to go, there are many stories waiting for us to dig.