The public chairs on the market

Waiting chairs: commonly used in airports, train stations, hospitals and other places. It needs to be compatible with the environment, and it is sturdy and durable. It has a good load-bearing capacity, suitable for use by all types of people.

Student row chairs: The outer and inner surfaces should be free of burrs or sharp corners. The table and seat should be balanced on the floor.

Dining chairs: mainly used in government restaurants, commercial fast food restaurants, school restaurants and other centralized dining places.
Industrial chairs: they are mainly used in laboratories in schools, chairs for employees in electronics factories, and are also used in hospital dispensaries.

Public seating usually gives the impression of business and coolness. A comfortable seating experience is a trend in the industry. With this in mind, new polyurethane material seats have become the airport's preferred choice. The breathability and ease of cleaning greatly enhance the waiting experience, which is what we strive for as a public seating supplier.