Uncover the secret furniture industry promotion practices

 The use of sales promotions has become an obsolete and conventional weapon for companies and businesses that used to use them occasionally. In order to win over as many consumers as possible, almost all furniture companies and brands use promotions in every possible way. Where holidays will be promotions, where a major event, to win important honors will be promotions, where the company, brand or store "birthday" will be promotions, through these guises line the purpose of promotions, resulting in the proliferation of promotions, the furniture market is trapped in the quagmire of no sales promotion.

Industry professionals on the proliferation of promotions quite a few words, and the harm of promotions and the brand, the impact of normal marketing, companies and businesses have long known, but can not resist the temptation, can not resist loneliness, or active or passive to step into the promotion of the point of no return. In fact, we all know that frequent promotions are tantamount to quenching one's thirst, and promotions are not the straw that will save a depressed market. The promotion not only triggered waves of price war frenzy, but also disrupted the normal marketing and market order, individual companies and businesses to reduce product costs crude and indiscriminate, substandard quality, which may lead to a greater industry crisis. Only promotions can pull some sales of the furniture market, whether also need to transform the marketing model?


Promotion, in the final analysis, is the sunshine "price war", promotion has become a "price war" spokesman of the public. Some industry insiders have unabashedly pointed out that the current vicious price competition in the furniture industry, resulting in the terminal retail price by the market "kidnapping", consumers only low-priced to follow, dealers to "price war" for things that manufacturers to low-level price competition for survival, which are is the market's "hard wound". With the normalization of promotions and to "exhaustive techniques", a new marketing tools to take off, "haggling will", a way to meet the psychological needs of consumers to promote the most eye-catching marketing highlights this year, from the birth, should be like Crucian carp.

From the "haggling will" behind the hot, it is not difficult to find furniture products in a potential rule: furniture products false discount promotion has become a potential rule, some businesses for consumers do not understand the bathroom products and like to haggle psychology, to take the inflated price and then discount sales method, so that the price of furniture products such as fog like people guess, want to Unknown. Consumers do not understand the price of ceramic sanitary products, "water" in the end how deep, out of instinct, will often require a discount, while the business is the price tag high, a little space to kill the price, consumers used to haggle, this is often business and consumer "win-win". The merchant may get more value and the consumer's psychological needs are met.

Whether it is a price war, or promotion, behind the price is not true, not transparent, contrary to the marked price. A hypermarket in charge that, price tag is all from the business personnel to abide by the professional ethics and good virtues, to return to the honest management of this basic business philosophy, to the majority of consumers more transparent consumption methods and shopping experience. But the furniture industry's marked price, in the market this big dye vat, always difficult to implement. Industry insiders said that the crisis of confidence caused by random pricing and low discounts has spread to the consumer's purchasing confidence, which will not be conducive to the long-term development of the sanitary industry. But the explanation is that, due to the chair of raw materials, labor costs and operating costs continue to rise, storage, logistics, transportation and other distribution costs are also rising, different regions of the chair products, it is difficult to form a unified market price.


A furniture industry veterans said, furniture products and other non-standard products, as inevitably in the sales process, there are dealers of gray components, these are the reasons why it is difficult to standardize the price of furniture. From the consumer's point of view, due to the furniture products as a special commodity, the formation of many years of price killing, haggling habits, has made the furniture products of the marked price encounter embarrassment, businesses do not give certain discounts, concessions, business transactions can not be concluded. So businesses also comply with the consumer psychology, mark up the price, let consumers haggle. This may be one of the main reasons for the popularity of "haggling".

Promotions, sales of furniture can indeed improve, but this is not a long-term solution, and consumers have been numb to promotions, so rather than promotions, as well as to enhance product innovation, value-added services, to win a good reputation, to get rid of the mire of the price war.