What are the configurations of the waiting chairs?

The scope of application of the row chairs is very wide, like high speed rail stations, airports, bus stations, hospitals, schools, parks, churches, cinemas and other public areas will be used. Row chairs can give people a rest and use great convenience, it is very rich in variety, PU, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, wood and so on, each material and each kind of accessories to use the place and characteristics will be different.

In the promotion of market development, public row chair accessories are no longer limited to hardware accessories, there are many unexpected configuration. When we buy public row chairs, we need to make a comprehensive consideration of all aspects, choose some durable, stable texture of the chair. It is also necessary to compare the functional characteristics of each material, such as the feet of the chair, armrests, chair surface, etc., which all have a very important relationship with the quality of the chair.  PU row chairs, is an emerging material manufactured by the public row chairs, has good breathability and comfort, novel shape allows travelers to break the impression of the traditional seat, become one of the more popular public row chairs in the market nowadays. PU seat is recommended to be set in large high-speed rail stations, airports. Stainless steel seats / aluminum seats, is a traditional but durable public seating, even ordinary appearance, still can not resist their charm, their durability in line with economic development and demand, in a number of public areas can be seen in its figure. It is recommended that stainless steel seats/aluminum alloy seats be installed in high speed rail stations, bus stations, hospitals.


Armrests and armrest fasteners

Armrests are the most common and practical accessory for public row seats, as they assist in providing better support for the seat and reduce the source of stress on the seat itself. In the configuration of a full set of armrests on the design of the seat structure and seat spacing, can meet the requirements of each seat interval armrests installed, the material is more common to aluminum alloy.

Second, USB charging socket
Wired charging outlets are accessories that have emerged in response to market demand and people's quality of life. Many people nowadays are appearing with their machines intact, and in order to meet their power consumption needs, they are equipped with wired charging on public seats to effectively use the space while also enhancing the satisfaction of the travelers.

Third, the coffee table, luggage plate, shelves
As the name implies, coffee tables, luggage panels, and shelves are all accessories that are designed to facilitate the placement of travelers' belongings, make efficient use of space, and allow travelers to wait with ease and without any impact on the seats.
When a city has public seating, the impression of the city itself is greatly enhanced by passing travelers, the city expands, and the value of the city soars. Public seating has become a symbol of the internationalization of a city.